Q2 Finish #2

With the Finish Along linkup closing for quarter 2 soon, figured I need to do some blog catch up so I can linkup!

I apologise for not replying to any comments left lately but I’ve barely been checking my blog, or reading any blogs at all. In fact I’ve barely been on Instagram either! (shock! gasp!).

When I have been on Instagram, it’s for “work” as one of the Lizzy House Mini Quilt Swap Co-Ordinators. Despite being a good experience, Sarah and I  both agree that it is not a position we wish to do again :) and adding to that: no more swaps! I am quite happy to have no more mini quilt swaps to worry about making, and I’m just waiting for two last ones to arrive on my doorstep.

This past week, I sent off my last minis, including my Lizzy House one to my partner in Darwin.

Riddle and {Whimsy} Lizzy House Mini Swap (front)

The top itself I put together in April with the Prismatic Medallion pattern.

My partner had said she loves the Constellations line and her dislikes were “dull things”. I was a little worried the monochromatic look of all the blues put the mini into “dull” so quilted a spiral in trusty silver holoshimmer to add a bit of sparkly bling! And when my partner started liking and commenting the pics I shared of it on IG, then I knew she liked it PHEW!

I struggled picking something for the binding. I kept leaning towards yellow because of my Constellations quilt but I didn’t think that worked here because there wasn’t much yellow featured at all so would stand out a bit too much. Eventually I settled on a light blue shot cotton.

Riddle and {Whimsy} Lizzy House Mini Swap (back)

The shot cotton also works on the back which is scrappy Lizzy House time!

This is my second finish from my goals this quarter (linked at #101)!

To see more of the awesome Lizzy House minis everyone is making, you can check them out on the Lizzy House swap tag!

Honey to the Bee

Anyone remember the Tangled quilt I started last November?! It’s Red Pepper Quilts’ Tangled pattern in Tula Pink fabrics.

After leaving it for 6 months, getting back to it was a little hard as I had to remember where the pre-pieced pieces were going. This pattern, when left alone, apparently does not piece itself together!

Most of it was done which helped.

Riddle and {Whimsy} Tangled WiP phase 2 (2)
2/3 of the quilt top

What did not help, is that for the last third, I had handful of pieces not yet pieced into large sections.

The pattern itself suggests starting at the top with each fabric and working your way across through each colour to lay it out. So for example, my top fabrics in the above picture, I pieced the brown fabrics, then the pink, then the white/purple etc and laid them out in place as I went. Eventually I had all the pieces that made up a full section (I aimed for a third of the quilt top at a time) and I could piece together the rows.

Riddle and {Whimsy} Tangled WiP phase 2 (1)
I had to fold the whole section in half in order to fit the not yet pieced section in place. Thank goodness for clover clips to help keep it pegged up out of the way!

When I last stopped, I didn’t have any full rows/sections so couldn’t join anything together so just had a jumble of pieces that I had to move around on the design wall until I could make them work since I forgot where I had originally intended them to go! Once I had them in place, I had to find the rest of the fabrics and cut them up to fit in place as well!

If you make this pattern, I would suggest to print out a plain copy to colour in so you can plan your fabric arrangement. Then if you move away from the project, you know where the fabrics were supposed to go, and you can make sure your colours are mixed appropriatley. When I started, I didn’t really have a plan and there are a few things I’d like to change (mostly just better mix the warm and cool colours!).

Riddle and {Whimsy} Tangled WiP phase 2 (1) top

I did plan on finishing this quilt for this quarter as it’s on my Finish Along goals but I’ve decided I’m not going to finish it this quarter but will do later in the year. This is because, after buying a backing for the quilt, I’ve found better backing for it!

Originally, I was going to use the Ikea numbers fabric that I purchased from someone on IG. Since the fabric wasn’t quite long enough to cover the whole back, I was torn on how to piece it: use a different fabric, try and match the writing to make it seamless…? So because I was still thinking about it, I didn’t do anything with it as I was too lazy to cut it up. Then, during the most recent Quilt Market, I saw posts on IG that Tula Pink is releasing Wide Back fabrics! Perfect! So, until that fabric is released and I get my hands on some, this project will be in time out for a while.

Being lazy and ignoring projects can sometimes be beneficial :D

Q2 Finish #1

Earlier this year, Ms Midge hosted another charm swap and this time for Anna Maria Horner charms! I’ve done two other of Melissa’s charm alongs, the first for Kate Spain charms, and the second with Bonnie and Camille charms. For both of those quilts, I’d cut pieces up and set them amongst a background fabric. I didn’t want to do that this time because I didn’t want to cut into the prints and how could I decide on one single colour that would show off all of the colours in AMH’s fabrics?!

Result: why pick one colour, when I can have all of them?!

Riddle and {Whimsy} AMH Charm Along 1

Lately, I have been loving the Grunge Basics range of “solids”. Grunge Basics are from Basic Grey who design for Moda and put a spin on a plain solid as they have a grungey effect over the plain colour. It makes the plain colours look really scrummy. I used these same colours before in my Disney Mini Quilt Swap mini which I had a charm pack for. The ones I used in this quilt were from a layer cake.

After cutting out my strips from the layer cake, I wish I had been a little smarter about my use of them. I cut 1 1/2″ strips, but had I been smarter, I should have cut 2″ strips, or even 2 1/2″. That’s because I would a) end up with a slightly bigger quilt and b) I’d have less little scraps leftover from the layer cake since both 2 and 2 1/2 are divisible by 10 and 1 1/2 is not! So now I have little coloured scraps to use up somehow!

Riddle and {Whimsy} AMH Charm Along 4

The pattern idea I found when looking for AMH projects to pin on pinterest for the Anna Maria Horner mini swap. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect for my charms! Since I wasn’t working from a pattern, I struggled a bit with figuring out the on point setting and the weird sizes so had a few casualties. And then of course just now when trying to find that pinterest link, one of the links on my homepage is tips on how to figure out on point setting measurements!

The mistake I made above, I started the row too ‘early’ when attaching it so it didn’t end up going end to end properly so was a measly 1″ out. Which should have been obvious to me while I was trying to meet the seams… So I had to unpick the whole row to move it over 1″. Then because I messed up some of the sizes of those end triangles, I had to re-do a couple so they reached the ends of the quilt, but that allowed me to add in a few charms of Folk Song which arrived at the same time adding to the number of lines featured in the quilt!

Riddle and {Whimsy} AMH Charm Along 5

There were 111 different prints from the charm swap, and I added a number of my own to bring the quilt up to size. At a guess there’s maybe 130 different prints? Possibly more! I prefer to stare at all the colours over counting the fabrics though ;) I think there’s at least one piece from each line as well, but I’m not 100% sure!

For my backing, I used up some of my Anna Maria Horner linens from Field Study. I was almost going to destash these because they’ve been hanging around since I don’t really have a use for them. I used a little bit going on 18 months ago for a small basket and that’s it! Then I decided that using them as a backing would be a great use of them for a Sew My Stash project!

Riddle and {Whimsy} AMH Charm Along 2

Does anyone have any tips on how to keep backing lined up straight? As you can see, I fail at it! I table baste, and have tried the ‘mark the middle of the table and fumble around for it to match it up’ method but that gets tricky because the same table I also use for cutting (I have to take everything off the table to baste, and having marker – like a coin – gets bumpy with my cutting mat). Generally, I also usually lay everything out on the floor first to line it up and then carry it over to the table rather than lay it out piece by piece. I should probably change my methods. I would actually like to try board basting.

Riddle and {Whimsy} AMH Charm Along 3

I quilted it with a stipple pattern and ended up using a variegated grey and white thread in 50wt (from Tula Pink’s Aurifil Thread Box). I chose it because in my other Anna Maria Horner quilt I used a coloured variegated thread (blue through to red/pink; from the Tula thread collection also) and it stands out a lot on the black triangles and I’ve been finding myself to prefer it when thread blends. With such variance in colours in AMH’s fabrics it’s a hard balance to find since there are so many lights and darks, but I didn’t want the random colours to stick out like a sore thumb so I played the safe choice of the grey. But then a dark grey part ended up on a pale yellow square sigh. From a distance you can’t see it though! And of course, I now wish I did use the more coloured thread, because if I don’t use the colourful thread on AMH fabrics, when else will I use it?! I’ll have to make more colourful quilts then, of course!! :D

The binding is actually an AMH voile fabric that I ended up with (purchasing it, not realising it was voile). I’m happy it’s another fabric I can use up out of my stash and I think it works perfectly! I even had enough left over, that I’ve been able to use the rest of it as the binding for my mini swap mini so I haven’t had any go to waste or hang around! I was a little worried about using voile as a binding as it felt so thin, though someone on IG commented it’s stronger than regular cotton as it has a higher thread count so it should work just fine. It frayed like crazy when putting it on though so I’m not going to use voile as a binding again anytime soon!!

Riddle and {Whimsy} AMH Charm Along 6

The quilt now decorates my lounge room, hanging on the wall behind my couch. I love how it looks against my blue walls and I love being able to stare at it everyday. I constantly look up at it and admire it while on the couch!

This is my first official finish for my Quarter 2 Finish Along goals (#101 on the linkup)!