Blogger’s Quilt Festival: ROYGBIV

Technically my Supernova is #rppoycgabivo, but I’m entering it into the ROYGBIV category of  the Blogger’s Quilt Festival anyway!

Riddle and {Whimsy} Supernova

This quilt was a labour of love for the Supernova Friendship Block Swap and it is eagerly waiting the arrival of its twin quilt by Sarah from Smiles Too Loudly so they can rainbow prance across the world together in all their rainbow goodness!


For comparison, above is the original mockup we agreed on when figuring out colour placement (sans borders).

Riddle and {Whimsy} Supernova

The back continues the low volume + rainbow theme and shows off the quilting, which I did with my walking foot to create a spiral. The nested Churn Dash is my signature block that Sarah created with a unicorn because you can’t have a rainbow without a unicorn!

What also goes great with a unicorn? Glitter and sparkles and shiny!

Riddle and {Whimsy} Supernova

I used Gutterman’s Holoshimmer thread in a light silver on the top of the quilt for the quilting. It’s hard to get a photo of how much it actually glitters and sparkles on the quilt itself though it has been seen in person by Carla and Serena who could vouch that it really is sparkly ;)

Riddle and {Whimsy} Supernova

For more on this quilt, see my previous posts!

The quilt is now hanging on one of the walls in my house, where I can admire it everyday!

Thanks for checking it out!

2015 Stash Report: April


My computer is mostly fixed yay! The biggest project I’m trying to attempt is going through my music… So much stuff I never listen to (usually skip when it plays) and just random stuff so slowly I’m testing songs and renaming them to all conform to the same file name thing. It annoyed me some songs were “Artist – Song Name” or “Song Name – Artist” or “01 Artist – Song Name”. The numbers in particular annoyed me because why do I care what number it is on the album when it’s not in my CD player to find the track?!

Having a break from blogging was also good as I managed to be somewhat more productive than usual. I did still peruse a few blogs to read and leave comments, but with my productivity, it did kind of drill home how much of a time waste sitting on the internet can be lol. That said, due to these commenting issues on Blogspot, I’m going to start not commenting on most bloodspot blogs at all because there’s no point, and a waste of my time, if the blogger isn’t even going to see it, let alone respond to it. So just because I don’t comment on your blog if I follow you, doesn’t mean I’m not reading. Also: note to self: fix auto correct to stop changing blog spot to bloodspot :)

Anyway! Back in February, I pre-ordered a fat quarter bundle of Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks, and it turned up in April yay! I’ve been following the Cotton Factory on IG (@cotton_factory_destash) for a while and this was the first fabric I’ve bought from there. Great little pop up IG shop. I’m constantly tempted by all the custom bundles and bargains Alison shares !

Riddle and {Whimsy} : May 2015 Stash Report : Anna Maria Horner Good Folks
AMHception: AMH folded into AMH sitting on AMH

I’m really tempted to pre-order the upcoming Tula Pink colouring book… With the Aussie dollar so terribly bad right now, I’ve been looking more at local online places so bought this from Alison instead of the usual fabric haunts. Then after purchasing from the Cotton Factory, Fat Quarter Shop posted they are carrying this line (when they’ve not been stocking Anna Maria Horner previously) and I had a voucher for them I still need to spend. Oh well. I’ll just have to use it on other things coming out ;)

Another instagrammer I follow posted she was making a trip to Ikea to purchase the numbers fabric that Ikea has discontinued as it appeared that her local store still had a bit in stock. So I put in an order with her and purchased 5m of the stuff to back a quilt.

Now I’m just contemplating on whether I want to use the whole amount to back the quilt, or instead of trying to match a seam so it all fits (it’s a huge quilt!) to just use something else down the side to make up the difference and then I’ll have some of the numbers fabric left over for another quilt. But I’m kind of stuck on whether another fabric would detract from the minimalistic nature of the text print.

Also coming in this month, was some cat fat quarters that were sent with my Kitten Mini Swap, bringing up my fabric-ins for April to a fairly hefty total!

Riddle and {Whimsy} potholders
Messy bindings because who cares when it will get covered in food mess!!

With my computer down, I did actually manage to be fairly productive: I finished a quilt, a swap mini, and also added bindings to a handful of potholders I had started but was too lazy to bind when I made them almost a year ago (!!!). I still have quite a few to still bind, so it’s a good little mindless project to use up random strip scraps (I cut up some solid dregs).

April Yards
Fabric IN 9
Fabric OUT 11.25
Monthly Total -2.25
Year to Date -9.5

Even though I had quite a few fabric-ins, I still managed to get more out! And even better, my year to date usage increased by about 2 yards from last month so I think I’m doing well!

When computers break

This morning, i woke to find my computer had exploded.

Considering my hard drives show up as puffs of smoke, exploding is a fair assessment!

What this means is I’m not going to be blogging for a bit until I get my computer back up and running. My main computer is a Mac while my backup computer (a laptop) is not so my blogging related doo-dads and files are not compatible to transfer to my laptop so I need to wait and fix my Mac. Boo.

Luckily we have a social media, so if you still want to see what I’m up to you can find me on instagram as @riddlingwhimsy or facebook (where my IG feed is also displayed in a tab and I’ll try and remember to post IG pics to the main feed as well!

Finish Along: Quarter 2 goals for 2015

The second quarter of the year already?! Yikes!

I managed 4/9 finishes from the first quarter and now the weather is substantially cooler, I’m hoping I can start quilting the larger quilts to get them checked off this time too. After working on so many minis lately, I’m looking forward to getting some big quilts out of the way!

Q2 Finish Along projects

So, my eight goals this quarter, listed in no particular order:

Project What I need to do
Lizzy House Mini Swap Make a backing, quilting, binding
Swell Add a border, make a backing, quilting, binding
Flight of the Bumblebee Make a backing, quilting, binding
Anna Maria Horner charm swap quilt Piece the top, Backing, Quilting, binding
Sunnyside Dresden Work on top, backing, quilting, binding
Anna Maria Horner Mini Swap mini Choose a pattern, piece a top, Backing, quilting, binding
Frosted Cheerios Piece together backing, quilting, binding!
Disappearing hourglass to border or not to border? Quilt, bind

That’s 4 large quilts, 2 minis, a baby quilt and a baby quilt sized mini! Not too dissimilar from last time so let’s see if I’ll be as productive!

Moon Trance

With all the swaps I’m doing, it was only about time I started my own swap, yes?! Sarah of Smiles Too Loudly and I have teamed up to start the Lizzy House Mini Quilt Swap on instagram. We had about 130 people sign up altogether and we’re moderating 60 odd people each in our groups. I have no idea who is making for me as Sarah picked out partners and I picked partners for her so we’ll still be surprised when the due date comes around :D

Riddle and {Whimsy} Lizzy House Mini Swap (wip front)

I came across the Prismatic Medallion pattern recently and wanted to make it for a swap and combined with some Constellations I think it makes the perfect Lizzy House mini! Now I just need to work out a quilting design and talk myself into angled binding…!

Despite how it looks, this pattern is super easy to put together. You cut out rectangles and then cut them in half and then arrange the half rectangle triangles to make bigger triangles which then form each section of a hexagon.

Riddle and {Whimsy} Lizzy House Mini Swap (wip)

The trick is not cutting out too many pieces (oops) and making sure you have the right colours angled the right orientation to fit where you want them. In the original pattern you end up with enough triangles to make two identical minis, so technically you could get away with cutting half the amount of fabric which is what I didn’t pay attention to. So I have all these excess triangles to do something with. Oh bother! I think I’ll sew them into a panel for whatever extra I make to go with it!

Does anyone have any tips on the best way to add hangers to the back of this? As someone whose house has brick walls, I need some kind of hanging mechanism as I can’t simply use push pins to hang up minis, so I like to be  accommodating and provide options for my minis in case my partners face similar issues. Except I’m not sure how the best way to go about it on a hexagon?!

He’s In A Giant Clam!

The next Mini Swap on my to-do list is the Aussie Tula Pink Swap (the instagram site itself now links hashtags, woo!).

My original plan for this swap was to make a mini of clams for the Clamebake Quilt Along. Once I figured out how to press the curved seam over to stop it from foofing up (starch!) I started attaching them to my wadding, quilt as you go style. My clams are 4″ and so I drew lines 2″ apart to line up each row.

Riddle and {Whimsy} #aussietulapinkswapTula clams

Part of the way through I started noticing problems.

First, each end of the clam (I guess the “crotch” part if you think of the bottom of the clam as a pair of undies lol) is supposed to be sitting on the line… mine are creeping up away from the line which means the length of the mini won’t be what I calculated when putting together a layout!

Second, some of my top stitching of the upper clam wasn’t catching the clam bits hidden underneath so I had a few unprotected seams sticking up. I do not want to unpick this because that would be painful and I can’t unpick a little bit because each set of clams is done per row. So if I unpick something in the middle, I’m going to have to unpick everything below that. Yikes!

Riddle and {Whimsy} #aussietulapinkswap Tula clams

I decided that this kind of quality isn’t what I want to send out in a swap. Sure from the front in the top picture it looks fine, but who wants a quilt that has exposed raw edges for the reason that it wasn’t stitched down properly?! I’m not about to send out poor workmanship and claim it’s the best I can do. So, sadly I’m going to have to keep this for myself hehe. Personally, I’m not bothered about making it look a little dodgy to get the seams down for myself. I’m thinking of turning it into a cushion cover.

So, with my planned mini idea down the drain, I had to come up with another idea. Flailing time! I don’t actually have much Tula Pink fabric and I had to use some since this is a Tula Pink swap. I had the Birds and the Bees line which I’ve been using in a quilt and all the scraps were turned into the clams! The rest of my Tula stash is made up of a few random Fat Quarters and random bits and pieces, so I needed something completely scrappy that used minimal pieces. I started scouring pinterest for ideas, inlucing my partner’s own board, but couldn’t find anything do-able so I flicked through some of my books. Pillow Pop had the answer!

Riddle and {Whimsy} #aussietulapinkswap mini (front)

This pattern in the book is called “Don’t Be Square” and only required 2.5″ squares for the coloured print pieces. At first I was a little unsure if it was an okay pattern to use — using so little Tula fabric in it actually makes me feel like I’m cheating… however by my count I’ve managed to cover 6 different Tula lines here (Birds and the Bees, Saltwater, Acacia, Parisville, Prince Charming, and Foxfield). Sooo… that counts for something?!

Riddle and {Whimsy} #aussietulapinkswap mini (front)

I did try to fussy cut where I could, which resulted in the bunny and seagull, but most of it I had to just make-do with the small pieces I had! I do think it would look more fun and Tula-obvious if I were able to add more fussy cuts of Tula designs.

The quilting for the pattern in the book was large straight angles. I tried to make large boxes, but one thing I struggle in free motion quilting is making designs  large and spaced out properly and I usually end up with small squished in designs instead and that’s exactly how my FMQ went with this, so I’ve got loopy boxes.

Riddle and {Whimsy} #aussietulapinkswap mini (front)

All up, I put together this mini over one afternoon-evening and then finished up the binding the next morning. I was surprised at how quickly it came together, after having come out of panic mode for the previous attempt, which had taken me a number of days to just get as far as I did. Huge relief to go from “the end is nowhere in sight” to “completely done”!

Riddle and {Whimsy} #aussietulapinkswap mini (front/back)

A printed binding just didn’t feel right, and even a colour in general didn’t feel right so I opted to use the same white as the background. I want to say it’s a Bella Solid but I’m not sure. Hopefully my partner isn’t scared of lots of white! I used a Rainbow Textured Basics print for the back as I thought it had a spinning look like a wheel to match with the colour wheel on the front. For some reason it reminds me of a mullet: business in the front and a party in the back…

My partner in this swap has been pretty quiet in regards to swap participation, though I have seen her around on other non-swap instagram photos so I can only cross my fingers that I’ve made something she likes. I received a lot of positive responses I for this mini on IG, and hopefully they all speak for her as well. I figure too that the colour wheel is probably better than the clams on the off chance that the busy-ness of the prints isn’t her thing and no one can hate a colour wheel, right?!

I’m pretty sure this mini is due at the end of April/early May so this one is done with a few weeks to spare. Only two more swaps to go…